BOPHV Battery Oil Pump for Oilsafe Containers

No Lifting, No Pouring, No Spillage, No Kidding!

Macnaught USA is pleased to announce the industry’s first High Viscosity Battery Oil Pump now in stock and ready to ship. The BOPHV is designed for dispensing oil from OilSafe 5L or 10L containers. Good to 140W / ISO680 oils, the BOPHV will deliver 40 gallons on a full charge at 1.5+ GPM. No need to use cumbersome and tiring manual hand pumps and eliminate manual pour conditions. Simply screw the BOP20HV into the OilSafe 5L or 10L containers and dispense oil faster and with safety in mind.  It’s that easy!

Watch the Video Here

All Macnaught USA BOPHV Equipment Includes Free Std Shipping

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