Macnaught manufactures highly accurate, robust industrial grade Flow Meters for clean process fluid applications.

Meter Sizes: ¼” thru 4” • Flow Ranges: .13GPH to 320GPM • Large Flowmeter Inventory • Quotes within the hour

Macnaught is the largest global provider of Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meters and has been since 1964. Macnaught USA stocks a large inventory of ready to ship Flow Meters in our Tampa FL distribution center. Non-stock meter delivery is typically 5-10 business days , best in the industry! Macnaught USA provides proposals with supporting documentation within the hour. Volumetric Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meters are the only instrument technology we manufacture. Our technical staff has decades of PD Meter applications engineering experience and can assist with Flow Meter selection, specification and installation guidance.

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Fluid Categories Well Suited for Macnaught Oval Gear Flow Meters include:

• Fuels • DEF /ADBLUE • Epoxies and Adhesives • Glycols
• Oils • Sealants • Water • Polymers
• Solvents • Polyols • DI Water • Inks
• Greases / Lubricants • Isocyanates • Acids • Chemical Additives
• Fuel Additives • Emulsions • Bases • Clean Process Fluids
• Agricultural Chemicals

Oval Gear Flow Meter Overview

Oval Gear Flow Meters can be used in a wide range of media applications and are designed for clean process fluids. No flow conditioning allows for superior design flexibility. Maintenance is minimal and changing viscosities do not affect meter accuracy. Cost of ownership can be very attractive compared to other flow technologies while providing highly accurate and repeatable results. Oval Gear Meters are mechanical meters and should not be used in fluids with non-soluble particulate. This is a liquids only meter – gases are not suitable. Water like applications should always be reviewed by a qualified Oval Gear Flow Meter Manufacturer.

Applications Well Suited for Macnaught Oval Gear Flow Meters:

• Bio Diesel Blending & Production • Lubricant Blending & Dispensing • Glycols Process Measurement
• Diesel Fuel Additive Blending • Hydraulic Fluid Measurement • Sealants & Adhesive Manufacturing
• Fuel Measurement – Basic • Test Stands • Epoxy / Glue Production
• Fuel Measurement – Advanced • Polyurethane Foam Ratio Blending • Polymer Production & Measurement
• Greases / Lubricants • Isocyanates • Acids
• Ethanol Blends • Agriculture Chemical Blending & Dispensing • High Viscosity Fluid Measurement
• Heating Oil Measurement • Ink Blending • DI and General Water Loop Measurement
• Boiler Fuel Measurement • Solvent Manufacturing, Blending, Dispensing • Additive Injection & Blending
• Bunker & Vessel Fuel Measurement • Paint & Coating Manufacturing • Acids & Bases Measurement

Receive an Immediate Flow Meter Proposal or Call our Meter Hotline - +1 (813) 896-2710

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Macnaught Oval Gear Flow Meter Advantages:


.5% Accurate of Reading with .03% Repeatability ( .1% accurate available in select models )

Turndown Range

Excellent turndown ranges 200:1 thru 10:1 depending on meter size

No Flow Conditioning

Put the meter where you need it: Off Valves & Pumps, U Bends

Meter Output Flexibility

Pulse only /Display only / Display w pulse & 4-20mA / Intrinsically Safe / EXD

Compact Lay Length

Perfect for tight installations

Mechanical Meters

Mechanical Register Meters available – M Series

Robust Design

Built for demanding Industrial applications. MX meters machined from solid billet

User Friendly

User Friendly Meter Wiring and Display Programming Instructions


Accuracy remains constant regardless of viscosity changes

Best cost of Flow Instrumentation ownership

Similar industrial built .5% accurate flow instruments typically carry higher costs


Suitable for low ( water ) to high ( 500,000 cPs + ) viscosities

OEM Applications

OEM applications in all quantity needs are a key center of target segment for Macnaught USA

Flow Range

Flow Ranges from .13GPH to 300+ GPM in meter sizes ¼” – 4”

Flexible Design Options

PPS versions available for aggressive chemistry. Intrinsically safe & explosion proof models in stock.