Offloading Hazardous Chemicals From Rail Cars


A large regional chemical blending facility was in need of a more reliable and accurate flowmeter for hazardous chemicals being offloaded from rail cars. The end user required a meter with a display that is rated for hazard-ous areas as the chemicals being offloaded are volatile and emit combustible fumes. With no access to power at the installation point, a non-powered option would be needed.

Macnaught Simple Safe Hazard Meter


Macnaught was selected after exceeding rigorous beta test conditions which included accuracy validation & proving wide turn down capabilities. Accuracy of 0.5% and repeatability of 0.03% was confirmed. Macnaught's Simple Safe intrinsically safe display provided a battery operated, hazardous area rated solution. This meter con-figuration satisfied every requirement of the application and has exceeded the user's expectations for accuracy and reliability. Macnaught MX Flowmeters offer excellent flow technology cost of ownership and outstanding engineering design flexibility.


160 GPM - MX50S-2SFx (Simple Safe)
Pressure: 230PSI
Temperature: Ambient
Media: Turpentine & Xylene
Power Requirement: Battery Operated
Display Readings: Rate, Batch Total, Accumulative Total
Area Classification: Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia)


“ These meters have been a great help to our operation. We are operating with much higher level of confidence in our readings than was previously the case”

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