Macnaught’s M3 Slow Retraction Industrial Safety Hose Reels

Rated for Mobile Truck Mount and All Stationary Shop Applications.
M3 Slow Retraction Industrial Metal Safety Hose Reels

Macnaught USA’s M3 Slow Retraction Safety Industrial Hose Reels were designed with Operator Safety in mind. Hose Reel injuries can be severe, as a slipped hose with an Air or Oil Tool on the hose end can cause great harm to operators nearby. Our slow retraction system retracts the hose at ½ the normal retraction rate, greatly reducing the opportunity for head or body injury.

Additionally, our M3 Slow Retraction Industrial Safety Hose Reel offers equipment & vehicle protection as well, again reducing not only operator injury potential, but costly damage to equipment near the hose reel. A swinging weighted hose end acts like a dangerous pendulum and can cause significant damage to expensive Vehicles, HMI stations, Diagnostic / Calibration tools, and other expensive plant equipment.

Well suited for wall mount high pull repair facilities or Truck Mount Hose Reel applications, the M3 Hose Reel relies on a heavy-duty industrial spring for powerful, repeatable and consistent hose retraction. Heavy Gauge Steel & Bearing Construction provides for years of trouble-free service – while maintaining the globally respected Macnaught performance and support.

Macnaught’s M3 Slow Retraction Industrial Safety Hose Reels

Macnaught USA M3 Slow Retraction Safety Hose Reel Video Demonstration

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