APPLICATION: Water Treatment



MEDIA: Water , Post Chlorination

Macnaught 6” MT series Turbine Flowmeter, 316SS body with ANSI 150# flanges and integral display for rate and total. The display is equipped with 4-20mA & pulse outputs.

Summary of Application:
A Water Treatment services contractor was in need of a replacement for a meter from another OEM which continually displayed inaccurate flow readings. The meter was installed in the postchlorination process of a water treatment plant. Due to the high flow rate, a large diameter 6" meter was required. Deliveries from other OEM's were 8-12 weeks, with some not able to measure the flow rate required.

Macnaught was selected as the primary meter solution due to:

  • High accuracy specifications ( 1% )
  • High flow capacity
  • Delivery, the meter was in-stock
  • Robust high quality construction

The customer was able to received 3ea meter/display assemblies within 7 days and complete their installation ahead of schedule. All three meters have been verified to report accurate flow measurement and have proven to be reliable over since put into service. Constructed of premium grade materials, the Macnaught's heavy duty industrial MT series Turbine Flowmeter was the perfect solution for this application.

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