Major Food Processing Client required highly accurate Glycol Flow Measurement in a Classified Hazard Ex ia Environment. Previous flow instruments did not provide the batching accuracy required for numerous different Propylene and Ethylene Glycol fluids combined with various proprietary blended chemistries. Each product recipe involved multiple batch configurations – all requiring exact volumetric accuracy.

Finished products included vaporization products, heat exchange blends, glycol water products, heat transfer fluids, antifreeze liquids and other glycol based chemicals.


Macnaught’s MX40  1.5 inch Positive Displacement Flow
with our globally approved Intrinsically Safe output was selected based
on process volume flow requirements.

Combined with the customers PLC based batching logic, the
MX40 meters provided proven .5% volumetric accuracy and excellent repeatability
results. Reject batches were eliminated resulting in immediate product cost
savings and improved operator efficiencies.

Macnaught Glycol Flow Meter Measurement Experience

Macnaught MX Oval Gear Flow Meters have been used for 15+ years within Heat Exchange Fluid Measurement applications as well as Glycol Final Product process measurement loops.

  • MX Oval Gear Flow Meters carry excellent cost of ownership expense compared to other precision flow measurement technologies
  • No Flow Conditioning Required, as a true volumetric flow meter installs are easy and do not require any upstream or downstream lengths of pipe – put the meter where you need it
  • Compact and Rugged, Macnaught meter bodies are machined from solid billet for challenging plant conditions.
  • Industrial and Hazard Flow Meters with Displays ( ExD, IS, Simple Safe )  are stocked in our Tampa facility.
Macnaught Glycol Flow Meters

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