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One of the largest USA Fracking organizations globally was looking to minimize major expense Fracking Power End Failures and update their existing and new fleet of pumps with a state of the art oil monitoring system. Slight Oil flow changes indicated clear early stage Power End issues – caught early these repairs were minimal with the idea of eliminating costly Power End change outs – all to common in this industry.

Macnaught was one of many suppliers selected to trial this critical oil measurement project. Over 90 days, general specifications moved to firm requirements during the evaluation time frame

Macnaught MX40F-2SM with Deutsch Connector Fracking Power End Critical Oil Measurement
  • Required Accuracy to be a minimum of .5% of reading
  • Compact footprint for ease of retrofit and new fit purposes
  • Highly durable to withstand the harsh fracking pump environment including excessive vibration, swirling sand and debris conditions
  • Capable of providing a 4-20mA output with an industrial heavy duty wiring design
  • Optionally provide local Rate & Total along with a 4-20mA output
  • Measure a wide range of oil flows with differing viscosities within a nominal flow target of 30 to 60 GPM
  • Allow for economical and quick field repair if needed
  • The successful meter manufacture must have the capability to product 1,000 Meter Assemblies within 6 months to meet pump upgrade project

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Macnaught and two other suppliers moved to a second phase larger scale Power End base trial which included a Macnaught submitted 2 pin Duetsch Connector cable which made connecting to the output logic stream fast and easy. Macnaught Meters provided were spanned & programmed for true plug and play installation.


Based on field testing results, along with operator and sub contractor feedback, Macnaught was awarded the project with our MX40F-2SM Flow Meter with integral 4-20mA output head and our MX40F-2SE Flow Meter with Rate, Total and 4-20mA output. Macnaught committed to a very challenging time frame and was able to meet the 940 customer meter requirement in addition to 160 sub contactor meters all within a 6 month time frame.

  • Macnaught MX Flow Meters and Displays are designed for harsh operating conditions. Meter Bodies up to 2 inch are machined from solid billet
  • Compact Meter Footprint allows for tight space installs – perfect for process skids
  • No Flow Conditioning Required – install where you need the meter
  • Changes in viscosity do not effect accuracy
  • Unique Macnaught M-Lock displays quarter turn off the meter, change your output options in seconds all while leaving the meter in line
Fracking Pump End Oil Measurement

Macnaught is also known in the fracking & drilling community for precise Diesel Fuel Consumption Measurement using our highly regarded FCM Flow Meter package


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