A leading manufacturer of liquid fertilizer blending & distribution systems in the was looking for a more reliable and accurate flowmeter. The customer had been using a nutating disc-type meter on their liquid fertilizer distribution skids since their inception. The accuracy of these meters was inconsistent, and their construction was not able to withstand harsh ambient conditions. End users reported material failure and inaccurate readings. Additionally, operation was cumbersome as the meters required recalibration when switching from one chemistry to another.

Macnaught MX Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meters


Macnaught was selected after exceeding rigorous beta test conditions which included accuracy validation & proving wide turn down capabilities. Accuracy of 0.5% and repeatability of 0.03% was confirmed, and proven to be unaffected by varying chemical viscosities or flow rates. Changes in viscosities or chemistries do not re-quire recalibration of the meter, offering added convenience and increased operational efficiency to the end user. This meter is now the standard meter on all of their systems. Macnaught MX Flowmeters offer excellent flow technology cost of ownership, heavy duty construction and outstanding engineering design flexibility.


Volume/Meter - 90 GPM MX50F-2SD
Pressure - 175PSI
Temperature - Ambient
Media - Liquid Fertilizer
Power Requirement - Battery Operated
Display Readings - Rate, Batch Total, Accumulative Total


“This meter has definitely been an enhancement to our already outstanding system. This is now our go-to meter for all skids moving forward."

MX50F-2SD Flow Meter

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