Agricultural Chemical Measurement Applications

Macnaught Oval Gear Flow Meters are well suited for highly accurate Agriculture Chemical Measurement Applications. Meter bodies are machined from solid billet and are heavy duty industrial grade meters designed for challenging mobile or stationary fluid measurement. As a true volumetric device, you can install in tight locations.

No calibration is required with differing fluids.

Agricultural / Farm Chemical Applications

  • Fertilizer Flow Measurement is our top Ag and Farm liquid fluid measurement. Excellent accuracy and easy to install and use
  • Pesticide Flow Measurement works very well with our MX Oval Gear Flow Meters and has become the OEM’s choice for fluid pesticide measurement
  • Herbicide liquid measurement requires a robust and durable flow meter – the MX Flow Meter meets are mobile and stationary requirements and thrives in high vibration and over the road applications.
  • Leading Ag Chemical station manufacturers are using Macnaught Positive Displacement Flow Meters because they require no straight run of pipe and do not require recalibration with different fluids.
  • Need to measure fuel consumption? Macnaught specializes in diesel fuel measurement - we have a number of meter solutions from basic to advanced

Macnaught Oval Gear Flow Meter Features & Benefits

  • High precision billet construction for enhanced
    material integrity and process reliability
  • .5% Accurate with .03% Repeatability
  • Rate and Total Display Requires No Power
  • Display with Outputs ( 4-20 & Pulse ) available
  • Remote Displays Available
  • Zero loss of accuracy with changes in viscosity
  • Mechanical Register & Digital Display options
  • Remote & integral mount digital displays available
  • No flow conditioning required, install the meter
    where you need it
  • ExD, & Intrinsically safe versions available
  • Aluminum and Stainless Bodies with PPS Rotors
  • Full 2 Year Warranty

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