Flow Measurement in Hazardous Zones: Ensuring Safety and Accuracy

Flow measurement in hazardous zones poses unique challenges that require specialized solutions to ensure both safety and accuracy.

Industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and petrochemicals often operate in environments where flammable or explosive materials are present. In these hazardous zones, the need for precise flow measurement is crucial for process optimization and safety compliance.  Macnaught offers a high accuracy flowmeter solution for Explosion Proof C1 D1 and Intrinsically Safe zones.

Understanding Hazardous Zones:

Hazardous zones, also known as explosive atmospheres, are classified into different zones based on the frequency and duration of the presence of flammable substances. These zones are categorized according to international standards, such as the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and the NEC (National Electrical Code).

In such environments, traditional flow measurement methods may not be suitable due to the risk of igniting flammable substances. Therefore, specialized equipment and protocols must be implemented to ensure the safe and accurate measurement of fluid flow.

Key Challenges in Hazardous Zones:

Explosion Risk: Hazardous zones carry the risk of explosions, making traditional measurement methods, which involve mechanical parts or hot surfaces, unsuitable. Even small sparks or excessive heat generated during the flow measurement process can lead to catastrophic consequences. Flammables such as gasoline and solvents with low flash points require the use of hazardous area flow meters.

Regulatory Compliance: Industries operating in hazardous zones must comply with stringent safety regulations and standards to prevent accidents and protect personnel, the environment, and assets. Flow measurement devices used in these areas must meet specific safety requirements outlined by regulatory bodies. All equipment within a classified area must carry the same area classification.

Harsh Environmental Conditions: Hazardous zones often expose equipment to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, and high pressures. Flow measurement devices must be designed to withstand these conditions without compromising accuracy or safety.

Macnaught’s Specialized Solutions for Flow Measurement in Hazardous Zones:

flowmeter solution for Explosion Proof C1 D1 and Intrinsically Safe zonesIntrinsically Safe Instruments: Intrinsically safe flow measurement devices are designed to operate in hazardous environments without posing a risk of ignition. These instruments limit electrical and thermal energy to levels below those required to ignite flammable substances, ensuring safety. Macnaught offers an intrinsically safe oval gear flowmeter with remote display options as well as integral display options. These meters carry ATEX and IECEX approvals.  Output signals are via either pulse with a NAMUR style connector, or 4-20mA.  Additionally, we offer a non-powered battery operated display for locations with no access to power.

Explosion Proof Instruments: Explosion Proof flow measurement devices are designed to minimize the risk of ignition and explosion in hazardous environments where flammable gases, vapors, liquids, or combustible dusts may be present. Explosion-proof instruments are housed in robust durable enclosures constructed from materials that can withstand the potential impact and pressure associated with an explosion. The enclosures are designed to contain any internal explosion and prevent it from igniting the surrounding atmosphere. Macnaught offers an Explosion-Proof flowmeter certified for Class 1, Division 1 zones.  These meters carry ATEX and IECEX approvals, and are available with remote C1 D1 displays, and provide either an NPN pulse output or 4-20mA output (if paired with a remote display)

Compliance with Standards: Choosing flow measurement devices that comply with international standards, such as ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) and IECEx, is essential to meet regulatory requirements. Regular inspections and certifications are crucial to ensuring ongoing compliance and safety.

Flow measurement in hazardous zones demands a combination of advanced technology, strict adherence to safety standards, and a commitment to regulatory compliance. Implementing specialized, intrinsically safe instruments, and explosion-proof measurement methods is essential for maintaining accurate measurements while safeguarding personnel and assets. As industries continue to evolve, the development of innovative solutions for flow measurement in hazardous zones will play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and efficiency in high-risk environments.  Macnaught stands ready to support the critical process fluid measurement in hazardous environments with high accuracy Intrinsically Safe and Explosion-Proof solutions.


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