36 year old hose reel

Jerry, a car enthusiast out of Libertyville, IL worked regularly on his cars in his home garage. Knowing his passion for working on cars, his son purchased two Macnaught Retractable Hose Reels. One for water (HW100) and the other for air (AR200) and gave them to his father as a Christmas present.

Recently, Jerry contacted Macnaught USA about an issue he was having with one of his reels.

“I have 2 Retracta hose reels, 1 water, 1 Air, that were Christmas gifts in 1986 or 87. Up until yesterday they have been working perfectly for the past Thirty-six years. Yes, you read that correctly, 36 Years. They've moved with my family for the past 3 homes we've lived in.

Retracta Hose Reels

The water reel developed an internal leak, and as of yet I haven't pulled it apart to see what the problem is.

I went online to see what was available and couldn't believe it when I saw the word Retracta. I clicked on the 60' model and within a minute or two I was chatting with Miguel. Congratulations to MacNaught for excellent customer service, which is almost obsolete these days.”

When asked what he likes best about the hose reels, Jerry stated “what I like best is the quality and reliability. Sometimes it’s just worth paying a little more money to get a quality product that is going to last. If you're in the market for a HOSE REEL, look no farther, this has to be the best hose reel on the market today. 5 Star+ rating for both customer service and products.”

Jerry R.

In appreciation, Macnaught USA not only gave Jerry a repair kit for his long lasting water reel, they also provided him with the latest Retractable Garden Hose Reel at no cost. 

Macnaught. Built Aussie Tough!


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