A Leading North American manufacturer of industrial coatings, adhesives, and concrete additives required a robust and accurate industrial grade flow meter for offloading precise batches of raw materials from tank trucks at 3 different stations. The system needed to automate an actuated valve and a pump, drawing a programmed amount of gallons from the tank truck. Once the batch was completed, the pump and valve were automated to stop. Previous flow technologies had issues with accuracy and reliably automating the process. Drivers had to repeatedly start, stop, and restart the system manually.


Macnaught’s Industrial Duty 2 inch MX50P-2PA Series Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meter with our Remote Mount N410 Batch Controller was selected.

The meter and controller were easily integrated into the existing 3 batching stations, and the meter's compact footprint was a clear benefit to the end user.

The Macnaught MX50 has exceeded all expectations, and is currently being specified for other critical fluid measurement applications within the facility.

Heavy Duty Industrial Chemical Fluid Flow Metering with .5% Volumetric Accuracy and .03% Repeatability. Well suited for harsh environmental conditions and ideal for precision batching applications.


Volume / Meter: 100-185 GPM
MX50P-2PA with Remote N410 Batch Controller

Pressure: 100 - 150 PSI

Temperature: Ambient

Media: 54% Sodium Thiocyanate

Power Requirements: None (Meter) , 24vdc (Batch Controller)

Display Readings: Rate, Total, Batch Progress Bar, Batch Total

Optional: Simple Safe Non Powered Meter available for flammable fluids. Powered Displays with outputs available.


"The meters currently in use at the Sealy, TX facility have helped us tremendously. The meters are accurate, reliable, easy to install and durable. The controller has been easy for our drivers to operate. They are able to pull up to the station, program a batch, press start, and then leave when it hits zero. We will be using these in other areas."

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