A Global manufacturer of critical process Hydraulic Tools required annual oil rate validation to maintain equipment warranty positions. Previously, customers had to ship bulky heavy equipment to the factory or reserve a factory representative to provide site testing at high cost and long lead times. Costs were up and Customer Satisfaction was down…. A team of design engineers drafted a detailed hydraulic test scope which included:

• Small Footprint
• Low Cost of Shipping
• Highly Accurate Flow Meter
• Battery Powered
• Suitable for Heavy Travel – vibration and shock tolerable
• Operator Ease of Use


Working with the client design team, Macnaught USA specified our MX09 Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meter with Battery Powered Integral PR Display.

The Macnaught MX09F-2SD utilizes volumetric flow measurement technology which provided high accuracy of reading ( .5% ) and could be placed in a tight space as no flow conditioning is required. The heavy duty MX industrial design easily passed all durability
testing including vibration criteria.

Currently the Hydraulic Oil Validation unit is built on a 10 inch x 14 inch backboard and easily ships to end-users. Many clients have purchased this validation item as costs are low.

Very easy to use, the Display requires only a simple button push to reset the resettable totalizer. There is a non resettable totalizer feature as well. Clients can now self validate and record the event , ensuring proper warranty coverage. Hundreds of Meters have been purchased to date, testing validation has never been easier!

The Macnaught MX Series Flow Meter is an excellent OEM Flow Meter for any clean process fluid application including Hydraulic Oils, Lubricants,  Fuels, Solvents, Glycols, Polymers, Viscous and Thin liquids. Pressures up to 2,000 PSI ( higher pressure M Series Meters available )  with flow ranges from .13 GPH to over 300GPM.


METER: MX09F-2SA  ¼” NPT / Anodized Aluminum Body / PPS Rotors / Viton Seal / PR Display
MEDIA: Hydraulic Oil
PRESSURE: Varies up to 750 PSI

Macnaught Positive Displacement Oval Gear Advantages

  • No flow Conditioning Required - put the meter where you need it. Perfect for OEM Applications
  • High Accuracy – volumetric values at .5% of flow
  • Excellent Flow Range Turndown
  • Meter Body Integrity – machined from solid billet ( Aluminum or Stainless )
  • Highly Engineered Rotors ( PPS, PEEK, Aluminum, Stainless Steel ) – provides .03% repeatability
  • Explosion Proof, Intrinsically Safe and Simple Safe options available for hazard zone requirements

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