Macnaught FCM-MX Flow Meters offer our full volumetric flow range in sizes ¼” thru 4” and flow ranges from .13 GPH to over 320 GPM with temperature compensation. Designed specifically for high accuracy Diesel Fuel Consumption Measurement applications. Macnaught continues to lead the industrial market in the DFM segment and has since 1964. Our patented precision Oval Gear design coupled with the legendary MX Series Flow Meter platform have been installed in tens of thousands of fuel measurement projects around the globe.

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Macnaught FCM-MX Flow Meters

FCM-MX Flow Ranges

¼” MX06 .13-26 GPH
¼” MX09 4-132 GPH
½” MX12 .5-8 GPM
¾” MX19 .8-21 GPM

FCM-MX Flow Ranges

1” MX25 1.6-32 GPM
1.5” MX40 2.6-66 GPM
2” MX50 4-130 GPM
3” MX75 5-194 GPM
4” MX100 31-320 GPM

Accurately Measure Diesel Fuel Consumption with built In Temperature Compensation

Macnaught now offers the legendary MX Flow Meter platform with Temperature Sensor Outputs. Designed specifically to compliment our popular FCM product line. The FCM-MX offering increases flow range options for the markets most comprehensive Industrial Focused Diesel Fuel Consumption Flow Meter System.

FCM-MX Puck Specifications

  • Fully Potted with 2 Hall Effect Outputs ( 1 Active and 1 Spare )
  • Designed for high vibration, mobile or stationary applications
  • Maximum Supply Current : 7.5mA
  • Maximum Output current : 25mA
  • Operating Voltage: 4.5V to 24VDC
  • Pulse Signal Type: Open-Collercot NPN
  • Temp Sensor: RTD Type 100 Ohm@0C, TCR 3850ppm/C, 1%

FCM-MC Cable Specifications

  • Connector: M8 right angle female
  • Cable Length: 5 Meters
  • AWG: 24
  • Number of Positions: 6

FCM-MX Meter Specs

  • .5 - 2 psi pressure drop typical
  • Meter Bodies up to 2 inch are machined from solid billet
  • Volumetric Accuracy of .5% with .03% Repeatability
  • Each Meter comes individually calibrated with cal sheet
  • Precison Engineered Rotor Design
  • Typical Fuel Application MOC: Aluminum Body / PPS Rotors / Viton Seal
  • Optional Stainless Steel Body / PEEK or Stainless Steel Rotors / FEP Seals

F127 Flow Computer Specifications

  • IP67 Rated Enclosure
  • Accepts 4 inputs 2X Pulse and 2X PT100
  • Built in Temperature Compensation Tables
  • Displays Compensated Consumption Rate, Total and Accumulated Totals
  • 8-24VDC Power
  • Passive 4-20mA Output Loop Powered
  • Two Passive Transistor Pulse Outputs
  • Optional 2 Wire RS485 Modbus Communication Available
Macnaught USA can review your FCM - MX Meter application and determine best fit.

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