A leading Americas provider of Fuel Additive Process Equipment was looking for a compact flow meter capable of installing right off a dosing pump while providing high accuracy. Testing with a number of flow technologies proved to be inaccurate or too costly for high volume OEM requirements. Macnaught MX06 and M06 Series Flow Meters were selected for trial evaluations. The client required a very tight install footprint along with high accuracy needs for a number of differing fuel additives at differing flow rates: Wax Dispersing Additives ( WDA ), Corrosion Inhibitors, Cetane Improvers, Lubricity Agents and Fuel Stabilizers ranging from .75 GPH to 9 GPH


  • Both Meters exceeded testing requirements and moved to a Phased rollout of 20 initial USA locations
  • Accuracy proved out at .5% of reading due to proven Positive Displacement Oval Gear volumetric flow technology for all additives
  • Meter placement had no issues with installing off a pump as flow conditioning is not required with MX Flow Meters
  • Meter cost of ownership was in line with budget requirements of 150 to 200 meters per year


F006-2S1: ¼” FNPT Connections / Aluminum Body / SS Rotors / Viton Seal / Reed Hall Output

MX06F-2SA:  ¼” FNPT Connections / Anodized Aluminum Body / PPS Rotors / Viton Seal / Reed Hall Output


Well over a 1,000 meters have been installed including our MX25 1 inch and MX40  1.5 inch Flow Meters for high flow additive blending

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