Enhancing Efficiency in Transformer Oil Recovery: A Flowmeter Case Study

Transformer oil recovery processes play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of power transformers by restoring degraded oil to its original specifications. Monitoring and controlling the flow of transformer oil during the recovery process is essential for optimizing performance and ensuring the quality of the recovered oil. This case study explores the implementation of Macnaught’s MX series oval gear flowmeter technology in transformer oil recovery applications, highlighting its benefits in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability.

Transformer oil recovery involves the purification and reconditioning of degraded transformer oil to extend the lifespan of power transformers and reduce the environmental impact associated with oil disposal. Central to the success of transformer oil recovery processes is the precise measurement and control of oil flow rates at various stages of the process. Traditional flow measurement methods often lack the accuracy and reliability required for efficient oil recovery operations, leading to inefficiencies and suboptimal outcomes.

Implementation of Macnaught’s MX Series Oval Gear Flowmeter Technology

Company Background: The client is a leading provider of transformer maintenance based in South Texas with a commitment to sustainability and innovation. The client sought to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of its transformer oil recovery processes by adopting a more reliable, low maintenance, and highly accurate flowmeter technology.

Flow Meter for transformer oil recovery


  • Inaccurate Flow Measurement: The existing flow measurement devices lacked the accuracy and reliability needed to monitor oil flow rates during the recovery process.
  • Manual Data Collection: Traditional flow measurement methods required manual data collection and recording, leading to potential errors and inefficiencies.
  • Limited Process Visibility: The lack of real-time monitoring capabilities made it challenging to track the progress of oil recovery operations and identify potential issues promptly.
  • Erratic readings due to vibration from mobile recovery pump stations.


The client reached out to Macnaught, a leading manufacturer of oval gear positive displacement flowmeter technology, in hopes of finding a solution tailored to the specific requirements of transformer oil recovery applications. With no flow conditioning required, a compact footprint, high accuracy, and it’s ease of use, Macnaught’s MX-Series oval gear positive displacement flowmeter proved to be the right solution.

Macnaught’s MX series oval gear flowmeter

Results and Benefits

1. Enhanced Accuracy: The MX oval gear flowmeters provided highly accurate measurements of oil flow rates, at 0.5% of flow rate and with 0.03% repeatability, enabling the client to optimize the performance of its oil recovery processes and maximize the yield of recovered oil. Additionally, they are not affected by vibration caused by motorized equipment, ensuring accurate readings throughout operation.
2. Improved Efficiency: Real-time data transmission with a local display and 4-20mA output to their mobile monitoring system allowed field operators to monitor oil flow rates and process parameters continuously, enabling proactive adjustments and optimization of oil recovery operations.
3. Increased Sustainability: By optimizing oil recovery processes and minimizing waste, Macnaught’s MX flowmeter helped the client reduce the environmental impact associated with transformer oil disposal, contributing to its sustainability goals.
4. Cost Savings: The increased efficiency and reliability of oil recovery operations facilitated by the MX oval gear flowmeter resulted in significant cost savings for the client through reduced downtime, maintenance, and resource consumption.

The successful implementation of Macnaught’s MX series oval gear flowmeter in transformer oil recovery applications demonstrates its potential to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability in the electrical power industry. The meter has become a mission-critical component to the client’s mobile recovery operations by providing real-time visibility and control over oil flow rates, enabling operators to optimize time in the field, maximize resource utilization, and minimize environmental impact.

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