What our Customers are saying

Tony Marx and his team, along with Macnaught USA make and distribute incredible products for the fluid transfer industries. In the Diesel Service and Repair business, it is crucial to have exceptionally made and exceptionally performing equipment. The BOP20 kits are a must have in my business as a Mobile Diesel Service Provider and allow me to have my kit handy and ready to go at all times when the call comes in. The ease of use and cleanliness is a huge plus in front of my customers and property owners that i encounter daily. I recommend this to everyone that i meet in my field as one of my go to tools! Thanks for amazing customer service and a value driven, high performing product!

Kevin S.

Flow Meters

I wanted to write and give a heads up on where we are. When I arrived at this facility almost four years ago, the flowmeters we were using to measure lube oil flow to critical plant equipment was using a temperature-based technology. It was erratic and very problematic. After some begging and pleading with management, I convinced them to move to positive displacement tech. Our first go around with our first Macnaught was not the ideal result. The meter was a damn fine piece of equipment; however, it was not suiting our needs. After talking with the Macnaught crew and doing some independent work, we purchased Macnaught meters without electronics and purchased our own electronics to take the pulse output, convert to the milliamp signals, and alarm points we required. The overall success of the project has been terrific. Everyone in the field and in management are very pleased with the results from the Macnaught flow meters. I hope this email can help you create more sales in the future because the products are top notch as well as the people who work for Macnaught.

Brandon Engler

Just installed a system where paint consumption was being monitored by the EPA. Catch is the meter had to withstand about 3,000 PSI during operation which is why we had to look to #positivedisplacement meter from Macnaught USA. It was easy to install and this #flowmeter doesn’t require any upstream or downstream to maintain it’s accuracy. The compact size didn’t hurt either.

Andrew Arndt, EIT

Macnaught K32 Pistol Grip Grease Gun

I’ve done without a grease gun for quite awhile but I needed one to grease the pivot on my 5th wheel hitch and the spring shackles on my trailer. After looking at the offerings at the chain auto parts and big box stores, I was not impressed. I found recommendations for this McNaught on some tool forums. I might have paid $15-20 more than the cheap guns, but I knew I’d save myself the aggravation of poor fittings and grease leaks on the tube. The McNaught is well made with well cut threads and quality seals. The pistol grip allows you to have one hand on the hose and the other one free to pump the grease. The female fitting grabs the zerk tightly and doesn’t spluge grease everywhere but where you want it to go.

All in all, “Fair dinkum” as the Aussies say.

Val R.

This is by far the best Grease Gun I have ever owned. Exceptionally well constructed and of the highest quality materials. It is better made than the Sn** O* grease Gun I am replacing. It didn’t come with SAE threads, but I bought an adapter to convert it. You get what you pay for, and this product is well worth the cost.


Hands down the best manual grease gun I have ever used. I don’t even use my Lincoln pneumatic or Alemite electric anymore. The quality is far superior to others out there.


Macnaught K40-01 High Pressure, High Volume Levergun Manual Grease Gun

The best part of this grease gun is it’s rock solid, works great right out of the box and it’s designed for high pressure/high volume greasing which will hopefully clear blocked or damaged grease nipples if I develop any on my equipment. Mine came with a rigid aluminum extension tube as well as a flexible high pressure hose. The only draw-back I found while using it is you may have to use the bleeder valve to release some of the pressure so the coupler will disconnect, it might have been that my coupler that came with the gun may need a little breaking in but out of the box once you put it on a grease fitting it takes some effort to pull it off. Either way I’m really glad I went with the Macnaught brand since it’s well constructed and Australian Made…


This grease gun is very well made and feels substantial in your hands. Loads easily and operates smooth and easy.


Well made, worth buying If you will be using a tool like this regularly


Macnaught Legendary P3TR 50:1 Air-Operated Grease Pump for 5 Gallon / 35 LB containers

The first pump I was sent worked great at first but lost pressure after about 2 weeks of use and started cycling very slowly, as if the supply air pressure was low (it was not). I called McNaught to get help from them on diagnosing the problem and they offered to send me a new replacement pump at no charge. I received it in 2 days and so far it seems to be working ok, although it seems to cycle a little slower than the first one initially did. Time will tell if it holds up to daily use. Mcnaught has a great warranty and the overall quality of workmanship seems to be top-notch, so I’m not too concerned yet about my purchase.

B Revel.

This has to be one of the most robust self winding reels on the market!

This hose reel was finally decided upon after looking at so many mixed reviews from the many offerings coming from Asia. I thought to myself, “What???? Something made in Australia from the Aussie market?? It has to be good!” I just had to give it a go and I made no mistake in doing so.

Robust, no nonsense design, and pure function, were my thoughts when I pulled it out of the box. The entire unit appears to made serviceable with easily accessible panels and components, should the time ever arise.

Retract mechanism is stout and solid, as I’m more worried about the hose whipping around should I accidently release the hose during wind back. The easily removable hollow pivot pin to reel frame makes it easy to remove and store the entire reel out of the way or out of the sun’s unforgiving UV rays during the off season in Southern California’s unrelenting sun. During assembly, I did lube all the joints and seals with food safe lube to help settle the seals in and keep things moving freely. The hose is plenty compliant even when filled with water and easily managed around the yard and garden. Feels like a flexzilla airhose that winds super easily and doesn’t kink.

This hose reel isn’t pink, turquoise, or pretty in aesthetics, but looks like a proper piece of farm/ agricultural equipment and that’s what I actually love most about it. My one minor “complaint” is the white plastic elbow for the connecting hose going into the center body and why something more robust was not used. Perhaps it was chosen to break away easily to not damage the reel? Who knows, but it shouldn’t be too hard to source a replacement if needed.

“Made in Australia”… I recognize and support it the same as “Made in USA”…
Thank you MacNaught of Australia for giving us more options than just the typical stuff from Asia with what I call, brands with “Alphabet soup” nomenclature.

Wally M.

This product is for people who are serious about their hose reeling problems and need a real solution. The reel is industrial strength and I have no concerns about it lasting for years. Sturdy all the way around, nothing bad to report at all. Glad I found a real product for the amount of money I was willing to spend. Rather than going to Lowe’s every three years and buying a $100 Suncast reel made out of plastic and feeling like corners were cut, just get one of these and be set for the next 10 years.


Recently installed one at my place, best decision I ever made !

Geoff D.

This product is simply the best hose reel out there!!! The reel itself is strong, sturdy and is built to last for years. The hose easily glides out and retracts the same. The entire unit is easily removed for wintertime storage. I bought two units-for front and backyard. Since my purchase, my next door neighbor and my mother have both bought one-and love it!!! Thank you for such a great product. Its worth the price!!!!!!

Rob G.

Macnaught Retracta R3 Garden Reel is the BEST Retractable Hose on the Market, In my Opinion.
10 Year Warranty on Parts. Great Quality.


High quality and great design. They need to add a tray on to the top of the reel and maybe even some hooks to hold the nozzle and extra towels. I will make my own version till for now.

Hang Z.

I have tried and returned so many five star reels, I had almost given up until I tried the Mcnaught. It’s quality is unrivaled and it functions superbly. Everyone who has used it has commented positively. My only complaint is they are out of stock as I want to order a second one.

Amazon Customer

Fantastic product, top quality + high performance = great value for money – a must for the serious gardener.

Pierre N.