Macnaught USA Wins PTEN Innovation Award!

Professional Tool and Equipment News (PTEN) has awarded Macnaught USA with The Innovation Award for the Oil and Lube Category for the BOP20 Battery-Powered Oil Pump. It’s the world’s first industrial-grade portable oil pump designed for five-gallon buckets. The product was first shown at AAPEX 2018, and has gone through additional upgrades through added accessories and a new packaging concept.

End-users and distributors loved the concept immediately and momentum continues to build. The BOP20 is equally popular in-vehicle service and industrial settings. Anywhere, anybody needs to transfer or dispense oil from five-gallon buckets, BOP20 offers a much-needed boost in productivity, accuracy and technician efficiency.
BOP20 replaces troublesome manual pumps and eliminates the messy practice of pouring oil directly from the bucket and into smaller containers.

BOP20 Features:

  • Easy control nozzle
  • Easy portable Powerhead
  • New modular concept
  • Sealed wetted parts – zero contamination
  • Separate Powerhead – multiple oils with one Powerhead
  • Up to 40 Gallons dispensed per charge
  • On-demand flow control

BOP20 Specifications:

  • Description – Battery-Operated Pump
  • Drum size – Nominal 5 Gallon
  • Lubricant Range – 0W-40 – SAE90
  • Delivery Rate – Up to 1 Gallon/min
  • Hose – 5-foot hose
  • Charger : 1-hour fast charge
  • Battery: 18V rechargeable 2.0Ah battery
  • Fully serviceable

Watch BOP20 Video

You can also find this video and much more content on the BOP20 Web Page.

Comments from happy customers:

“The BOP20 has been extremely helpful with a lot of applications. We have it set up with 75w90, 80w90, and ATF. It has made servicing trucks, light-duty and large, extremely easy and a lot more efficient and not near as time-consuming. Would highly recommend this to anybody that deals with trucks in the Automotive Industry. I feel it’s a must-have investment for anybody that works in the automotive field! Less hassle and saves a lot of time, and in my business, time is money!”

Jared Haddock
Grease & Go
Denison, TX

“We are selling a lot of BOP20s to Quarry and Mining customers. They use it mostly for hydraulic oil transfer. The BOP20 works very well. Customers are very favorable towards it with high interest. Generally, we sell an extra battery as well because these guys are going all day long.”

Adrian Britt
Auto-Lube Services, Inc.
Loganville, GA

If you or your customers want to learn more about the BOP20 Battery-Operated Oil Pump, feel free to contact me any time, or use the buttons below:

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Macnaught USA
National Business Development Manager, Fluid Handling Equipment
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