Once In A Great While, Something New Comes Along That Changes Everything.

Macnaught is launching the brand in the Americas after decades as a private-label supplier based largely on the strength of New Product Innovation.  You have likely read our articles on The Retracta R3 with RACR (Retracta Adjustable Controlled Return) and on BOP20 – the industry’s first battery-operated oil pump designed for five-gallon buckets.

Now, the most innovative grease coupler on the market – The KY+ Safety Grease Coupler. In stock and ready for immediate shipment.


It’s the only grease coupler with the right to call itself a Safety Grease Coupler. That’s because it is designed with an internal pressure relief mechanism that deals head on with the problem of high-pressure grease spatter. You simply set the collar to ready the coupler for the fitting, engage the fitting, dispense the grease you need and – when you pull back on the collar a second time, the pressure relief mechanism kicks in, assists the coupler off the fitting and dissipates the pressure on the grease. It’s easy to use and safe for the operator.


KY+ Safety Grease Coupler Features and Benefits:

  • Click-on, Click-off connection reduces hydraulic bind and high-pressure grease spatter.

  • Quick and easy patent-pending Smart Release mechanism

  • Effortless, one-handed operation

  • Original KY floating jaw: Unique floating jaw operation creates a powerful grip as pressure builds to enhance performance.

  • Compact Diameter: Makes it easier to get into tight spaces with KY+.

  • Superior safety: Internal bleeding system for soft pressure relief and safe disconnect.

Watch the video or go to the KY+ page on our website.

What customers and distributors are saying about the KY+ Safety Grease Couplers:

“Thanks for letting us try your safety coupler. It works great! I would like to order more, please.”

Doug Drussel, Drussel Precision, Sedalia CO

“I love the KY+ Safety Coupler. It’s easy to use. I threw away my old Lock and Lube”

Cris Gourley, Ag Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Ellsworth KS

“So far; so good!  The product is well received.  We seem to sell at least one at every sales call. Great conversation starter.  Seems to be very high quality.” 

Adrian Britt, Owner Auto-Lube Services, Loganville GA

If you or your customers want to learn more about the Retracta R3 With RACR, feel free to contact me any time.

Kenneth Walsh, Macnaught USA, National Business Development Manager, Fluid Handling Equipment, Email: kwalsh@macnaughtusa.com or Call: 813-712-0792