Macnaught’s Retracta R3 Safety Hose Reel with RACR Receives Award – Motor Magazine 2019 Top 20 Tools.

According to Motor Magazine, “The award recognizes those tools and equipment manufacturers who, through innovative features on new products, help technicians diagnose and repair vehicles correctly –the first time. The continual development and improvement of such tools and equipment is essential so that automotive technicians can properly service today’s technologically advanced vehicles.”

First BOP20 Battery-Operated Oil Pump, now the Retracta R3 Safety Hose Reel with RACR (Retracta Adjustable Controlled Return). Macnaught is clearly on a roll!



What makes The Retracta R3 with RACR a Safety Hose Reel?

The unit is equipped with a hydraulic clutch which precisely controls the rate of return of the hose (and whatever tool is installed) to the reel. The operator can adjust that return rate to whatever speed is desired – with the turn of a screw.

An uncontrolled hose reel retracts up to 65 feet of hose in less than 10 seconds. You can set RACR to take as long as a minute to return the hose, and any speed in between.

With the Retracta R3 with RACR, accidents related to hose reel accidents are a thing of the past. No more injuries, no more equipment damage. Workers, customers and their vehicles are now safe. This will help manufactures and shops reduce insurance costs and lost-time accidents.

Watch the video to learn more, or visit the R3 With RACR Webpage.

Features & Benefits:

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • RACR® system

  • New high-wear resistant mouth design

  • Integrated handle

  • Increased internal capacity

  • Upgraded Main Spring with Overrun Protection


Here’s what satisfied customers and distributors are saying:

“We are trying to beat it up as much as possible. It’s holding up well.”

Store Manager, National Auto Repair Business, Rochester, NY

“We are utilizing air tools over 3 bays in our Oil Change Facility. I really like the RACR recoil. It is easy to use.”

Tim Matthews, Owner at Central Lube, Clayton, NC

“Reel is working well. I would recommend this product to others in my line of work.”

Mike Lominack, Owner at Lube Specialists, Lake City, FL


If you or your customers want to learn more about the Retracta R3 With RACR, feel free to contact me any time.

Kenneth Walsh, Macnaught USA, National Business Development Manager, Fluid Handling Equipment, Email: or Call: 813-712-0792