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Macnaught Industrial Grade Turbine Flow Meter Line 

Large Stock of Turbine Meters, Digital Output Options, Integral and Remote Displays, and Y Strainers available for Immediate Shipment!

Macnaught USA launches Industrial Grade Turbine Flow Meter Line

Tampa – Sept 6th 2022

Macnaught USA has announced today the release of their highly anticipated MT Industrial Turbine Liquid Flow Meter Product line.

Stocked sizes range from ½ inch thru 4 inch (up to 10 inch can be ordered)  and are available in Pulse, Integral & Remote Display Options, as well as 4-20mA, 0-5 VDC, and 0-10VDC output variations. The MT Series was designed for Heavy Duty Industrial flow measurement applications. Accuracy is 1% of Flow with .01 Repeatability.

Mike Puckett, Macnaught USA’s Director of Marketing added “ Macnaught USA began our turbine meter journey based on the numerous client requests we were receiving for better-fit Turbine Meter applications. As the leading Global Industrial Oval Gear Flow Meter manufacturer, adding a Turbine Meter product portfolio provides higher pressure and additional flow range options to our core flow meter customer base. As always, we remain committed to providing detailed proposals within the hour while maintaining industry-leading stock positions”.


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