Macnaught M3 Grease Control Gun Datasheet

Macnaught’s new innovative Grease Control Gun with Flow Meter couples our decades-long expertise in Grease Control with Flow Metering.

Utilizing Oval Gear measurement technology our grease meter accurately measures and totals grease while the control gun starts and stops pneumatic grease pumps.

Complete with a rigid extension and 3 jaw grease coupler, this product offers maintenance & reliability engineers, managers, and other stakeholders the ability to:

Macnaught Grease Pump Control Gun with Flow Meter
Macnaught Grease Pump Control Gun with Flow Meter


  • Easy to Use & Read Digital Screen with Simple Button Operation
  • Ensure the proper amount of Grease is applied per MFG specifications
  • Eliminate under or over-greasing conditions
  • Record hourly, daily, monthly, or other total grease dispensed
  • Control Gun Functionality Starts and Stalls Pneumatic Grease Pumps
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Design

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Macnaught Grease Pump Control Gun with Flow-Meter

Product Specifications:

Max Pressure: 8700 PSI
Meter Accuracy: 2%
Power Source: 2 AA Batteries ( provided )
Grease Coupler: 3 Jaw Coupler Included
Coupler Extension: Rigid Included
Grease Type: NLGI 00 to NLGI 3
Min / Max Operating Temps: -40F to 150F
Unit of Measurement: ounce, gram, milliliter
Unit of Total: Pound ( LB ), Kilogram ( KG ) Liter ( L )

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