When you have oil or hydraulic fluid in a five-gallon bucket, you have few options for dispensing your lubricant. What I’ve learned in recent discussions with both automotive and industrial professionals is that they don’t like the methods they’ve been using.

Until now, you’ve really had just two options:

– Use a manual bucket pump

– Pour out the oil from the bucket or into a smaller container by hand.

Both approaches present challenges.

A manual pump will get the job done, but it is often a two-man operation because operating the pump with one hand and holding the nozzle with the other is too clumsy. Once the fluid level is lowered to a significant degree the pump in the bucket becomes top heavy and tends to fall over.

Pouring the lubricant directly from the five-gallon bucket or into a smaller container is tricky. Worse yet is the act of dispensing the oil using a funnel. Both situations are likely to cause spills. Spills create safety hazards and require immediate clean up.

So, is there an alternative?

Macnaught USA has introduced the BOP20. The world’s first battery-operated oil pump for five-gallon buckets. Finally, technicians and maintenance professionals have a safe, accurate and clean process for dispensing oil and hydraulic fluid.

The BOP20 comes with a Power Head, 18V Lithium Ion Battery, Charger, Pump Stem, Hose and Control Gun. The pump puts out a gallon a minute and the battery will dispense 40 gallons before requiring a recharge. With power on, the pump activates only when the control gun trigger is engaged.

Optional Stem Kits allow you to set up numerous fluids without the need to buy another complete BOP20. This not only saves money, but it prevents cross-contamination because the wetted parts are in the stem, hose and dispensing gun and not the power head.

A spare battery on the charger will be ready in one hour and allow operators continuous use.

In the automotive world, applications include dispensing gear oil and specialty lubricants not purchased in totes or drums. In addition, adding hydraulic fluids for lifts in now easy, safe and clean. In industry, topping off gear boxes on heavy off-road equipment can be done easily without tying up your lube truck. Similar applications can be found in paper mills and manufacturing operations.

Review the information using the link below and watch the full video.

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