I have shared information several times regarding the Macnaught Retracta R3 Safety Hose Reel with RACR (Retracta Adjustable Controlled Return). In those articles, I claimed that hose reels pose a safety threat.

Now I have proof!

Whether through misbehavior, neglect or accident, operators and technician sometimes fail to control the return of the hose to the reel. When that happens, damage or injury can occur. Please read this Case Study recently completed covering a manufacturing operation and their challenges with what they called “Dangerous Hose Reels.”

A standard air hose reel with a 3/8” x 65’ hose will return the full 65 feet back to the reel in as little as seven seconds. With the RACR Safety Feature, you can set the return rate to anything your want, from an uncontrolled seven-second return to as slow as a full minute, and anywhere in between. While we still suggest that the operator walk the hose back to the reel, if they fail to do so, nobody is going to get hurt and nothing gets damaged.

There are other hose reels on the market that have slower return, but the Retracta R3 Safety Hose Reel with RACR is the only hose reel that lets you set the return rate with the turn of a screwdriver.

Watch this very basic video demonstration of RACR in action. I wish they had adjusted the return rate to be dramatically slower, but you will get the point.

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