The Macnaught BOP is a system I’ve been searching for a long time now. On the farm, I’m always on the go and equipment always needs service. Between oil changes in the shop and an occasional blown hydraulic hose in the field, I’ve wanted a clean and quick oil system to work efficiently in the shop and in the field. When I came across the BOP20 I thought it would be just what I was looking for. I was right.

The BOP system allows me to run clean and efficiently. Oil changes on large tractors and semi-trucks use large quantities of oil. With the BOP there’s no need for different funnels to fit everything, nor any wrestling with and lifting 2.5-gallon jugs or 5-gallon buckets. The BOP has a long enough hose to allow a bucket to sit on the floor, ground, or bed of the truck and still fill up what I need to. The gun on the end of the hose is slim enough to fit in tighter areas, under guards and shields to dispense oil without requiring any type of funnel. It also works great for small openings for gearboxes and tractor MFWD hubs. Again, no funnels or squeezing quart bottles.

I’ve been able to use the BOP system to pump every kind of oil I use. It works great with everything. Heavier oils and cooler temperatures don’t allow it to flow quite as quick. But overall still pumps at a decent rate. It still makes the job easier.

Being able to use the same power head for each stem in my additional oil buckets is great too. The removable power head makes storage easier as well. Being able to be set up to dispense four different types of oil from the same cordless power source makes things much more efficient as well. Being able to use oil from a larger container also cuts down on the waste of multiple quart, gallon and 2.5-gallon jugs.

The stem design makes removal and installation fast and easy. The impeller and impeller housing design is simple and easy to service and clean if need be. Being able to rebuild and repair a product if needed is rarity in today’s market for such products. Knowing Macnaught will stand behind the warranty and not consider their products disposable is enough to sell me on the BOP system.

The best part is the ease of filling equipment in the field. For example, if a hydraulic hose leaks and a gallon or more of oil is lost, the BOP will be ready to go in the truck. The quick and simple design will allow me the refill hydraulic oil quick and easy without worrying about contamination of dirt from the equipment, field or from a funnel that’s been sitting in the truck. The BOP system is considered a must have for the farm to me. It makes regular service faster, top offs in between easier, and emergency in the field fill ups cleaner. All around, a great system from a company that stands behind their products.


Myles Clifton, Clifton Brothers Farm, Perryville MO

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