Macnaught USA Wins PTEN Innovation Award! Professional Tool and Equipment News (PTEN) has awarded Macnaught USA with The Innovation Award for the Oil and Lube Category for the BOP20 Battery-Powered Oil Pump. It’s the world’s first industrial-grade portable oil pump designed for five-gallon buckets. The product was first shown at AAPEX 2018, and has gone through additional upgrades through added accessories and a new packaging concept. End-users and distributors loved the concept immediately and momentum
What’s it like to be a 71-year-old startup? I can tell you one thing, it’s not easy. And just to be clear, I’m not 71 years old, Macnaught is. Macnaught began making lubrication equipment in 1948. The company is based in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. It employs about 350 people and has annual sales of about $75 million. In Australia, they have a commanding share of the market. Not so much in other parts
OVAL GEAR FLOW METER OVERVIEW There are numerous choices within the Industrial Flow Meter space these days, with a wide array of design options and enhancements providing for highly accurate, durable and cost effective flow measurement solutions. Since the early 1960’s Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flow Meter technology has provided the design engineer and flow meter market with decades of proven flow measurement advantages. This article was developed to assist the specifier, plant engineering and


Posted by Kenneth Walsh on May 31, 2019

Category: Fluid Handling
DEALING WITH A FIVE-GALLON MESS! When you have oil or hydraulic fluid in a five-gallon bucket, you have few options for dispensing your lubricant. What I’ve learned in recent discussions with both automotive and industrial professionals is that they don’t like the methods they’ve been using. Until now, you’ve really had just two options: – Use a manual bucket pump – Pour out the oil from the bucket or into a smaller container by hand.