Macnaught Industrial Grade Turbine Flow Meter Line  Large Stock of Turbine Meters, Digital Output Options, Integral and Remote Displays, and Y Strainers available for Immediate Shipment! Macnaught USA launches Industrial Grade Turbine Flow Meter LineTampa – Sept 6th 2022 Macnaught USA has announced today the release of their highly anticipated MT Industrial Turbine Liquid Flow Meter Product line. Stocked sizes range from ½ inch thru 4 inch (up to 10 inch can be ordered)  and

You can now literally single-handedly improve your workshop workflow, thanks to these battery-operated pumps. There are many GREAT reasons why the battery-operated pump (BOP) has changed how we operate oil pumps. It is a simple, yet clever design, that helps you improve workshop efficiency and reduce workshop fatigue with just the flick of a switch. Why choose Macnaught BOPs? They are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are backed with an honest 2-Year Macnaught Warranty.

March Madness Sale

Retracta Garden Hose Reel – March Madness FREE SHIPPING Special! Macnaught’s Retracta R3 Retractable Garden Hose Reel is the leading Garden & Horticulture Hose Reel in Australia and is now available in the Americas. Designed and built with Industrial materials and the latest in spring technology, this product carries a true 10 year warranty on the reel, and a 1 year warranty on the polymer hose. Since 1948, Macnaught innovation has been serving the Australian marketplace with leading

BOPHV Battery Oil Pump

BOP BATTERY OPERATED PUMP. ONE POWERHEAD – POWERS MULTIPLE PUMPSBOP BATTERY OPERATED PUMP No Air, No Hand Pumps, No Spillage, No Kidding! There is no other product on the market like the BOPHV! Designed and made in Australia, the Macnaught BOP Battery Operated Oil Pump is a portable and rechargeable 18volt battery operated pump, designed to improve workshop efficiency and reduce fatigue with the flick of a switch. The BOP Powerhead can be transferred across multiple

Retracta RACR

RETRACTA R3 RACR® ADJUSTABLE RETURN SAFETY HOSE REEL Introducing Macnaught’s new Retracta R3 family of polypropylene hose reels, bringing robust durability into a new era. 2 years in development, the new R3 range stays true to the Retracta name offering high quality, superior performance, safety and even better value for money. Designed for heavy duty, high pull shop performance, The RACR adjustable return feature makes safety a priority, offering true control by allowing the user

CLIFTON BROTHERS FARM PUTS BOP TO THE TEST The Macnaught BOP is a system I’ve been searching for a long time now. On the farm, I’m always on the go and equipment always needs service. Between oil changes in the shop and an occasional blown hydraulic hose in the field, I’ve wanted a clean and quick oil system to work efficiently in the shop and in the field. When I came across the BOP20 I